Vemme Kart

Homologation 35/CH/11
Tube Diameter 32
Wheelbase 1040
Rear Width 645
Front Width 715
Total Width 1503
Rear Axle Diameter 50
Brake System Hydraulic
Brake System Model Vemme 81/FR/14
Brake Rotors Floating Duralcan Cast
Fuel Tank Capacity 8.5 Liters
Steering Wheel DIESIS Vemme
Front Hubs Aluminum Racing Vemme
Rear Hubs Aluminum Racing Vemme
Seat Resin Flat Bottom Vemme
Wheels 130/210 Magnesium
Motor Mount Upon Request
Adjuster Pills 16 Position Top and Bottom

Optional Accessories
Seat Vemme
Wheels 132/210
Front Bar Upon Request
Rear Bar Upon Request
Rear Euro Bumber
and Fasteners
Upon Request