Vemme Kart
VemmeKart Releases New 2017 cadet

The new VemmeKart mini 950 designed:

We started our Cadet program in 2014. The initial project design was from Parolin Racing Kart.  that frame was very good in all areas, the 950 mini chassi was originally introduced in United states of America and with great sucess, later on in 2015 we decided that it was time for us to take to the track in Europe. The chassis appeared to be competetive from the get go but as we started to engage more in depth competition we discovered that it was time to introduce some changes, the changes where not drastic and did not transform the frame we just fine tuned some of the design to optimize all aspects of handling to make it as user friendly as possible. We do feel however that we are now in the right direction in both Europe and the North American market.